After my doctoral class in July last year, I was led to believe that we were structured inadequately.  Our elders, whom we elect, would meet monthly and focus on the administration of the church. We would function like a board of directors instead of the biblical purpose – Shepherding. The professor advised that most churches fall into the trap of administration. The elders are called by God to shepherd the flock. Therefore, in January, the elders voted to change our structure by forming six commissions to make decisions. By definition, a commission is two elders and the pastor. The commissions are Administration, Care, Growth, Mission, Property, and Worship. The commissions meet only when needed, as the Professor advised, to reduce the illusion of “busy work.” The elders can rescind any decision made by the commissions if needed. My hope is that this restructure, which isn’t very visible to the congregation as a whole, will give our church leadership more time to focus on shepherding the flock. The elders of each commission are the pastors to their subgroup. May we be the church more effectively by doing so. 

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