The new year comes with new efforts.  We pursue dreams or put them off. We make our own choices of what fills our lives. We don’t control all our circumstances but we determine how we respond to them. In many ways, we are at the center of our lives. But how well does that work? In a self-centered life, “Self” is sitting on the throne, making decisions which often result in frustration and disappointment. A self-centered life might know about Jesus but  mostly he remains on the outside of our life decisions. Typically, we live for ourselves and look like everyone else. In a Christ-centered life, we have the same issues but “Self” submits them to Jesus who sits on the throne of our life decisions. He replaces chaos and meaninglessness with order and purpose. We live for him. And our lives look “different.”  But, like so many others, we like to be on the decision-making throne even when we recognize that we’re not so good at the job. Thankfully, Christians are not called to be like most people. We’re not called to be identified by our self-directed interests and hobbies. We’re called to be identified by the one who sits on the throne.  We’re not called to live meaningless lives that look like everyone else. Even though “Christian” is applied to a wide array of people and lifestyles, there is a singular calling of Christians to live Christ-centered lives that submit all the issues and interests to him.  I don’t know about you, but I frequently need that reminder; there are so many other things that could call me to their allegiance, so many ways to fill my life in the attempt to find purpose and meaning.  May we together in 2019 work towards usurping our own self-tyranny.

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