It’s Labor Day Weekend and the time to celebrate our laborers.  We have a marvelous group of people who take it upon themselves to serve the church, to serve you.  Our 51 teachers dedicate themselves to introducing Jesus to our little ones.  Our six athletic instructors give young ones team building skills that will carry them through life.  Our 6 children & youth staff help mold more complex discipleship areas of growth into our teens & preteens.  Our six musicians usher us into the worship of the Almighty.  Our bible study leaders initiate deeper nuances of God’s Word.  Our administrative staff make us organized and well planned.  Our grounds team, including Francelle & family, have gone to great efforts to beautify our campus.  Our ten elders make big decisions and shepherd the flock.  Our eight person care team visit the six and shut-in often bringing communion and bulletins.  There are eight families who prepare and serve weekly meals to our family worship service community which helps connect young families with each other.   We are excited to leap into this new school year and growing deeper together.  What about you?  Are you connected?  Want to lead a new small group?  Desire to connect with an affinity group?  Mentor a youth?  Invite someone to church.  Share a favorite sermon on social media.  Labor with us!  Together, we’ll grow the Kingdom of God in south Lakeland. 

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