How did it get to be April so fast?  Life moves too quickly. Children grow up in the blink of an eye. Another season of Lent comes to a close with the climactic resurrection of Christ! At times like this, we must for our own sanity slow down like a video in slow motion. Time should not be spent. Time should be cherished for we cannot reclaim it. Opportunities pass us by to never return. Get out of cruise control because; behold, God is doing a new thing!  Will you cherish these moments? Will you create memories that do not fade? Get out of your cruise control and serve on 5th Sunday. Get out of cruise control and form a new small group.  Get out of cruise control and volunteer for children or youth ministry.  Get out of your comfort zone and bring a new family to church. Let not our time be wasted on cruise control.  Don’t go through the motions.  Create new long-lasting relationships. Improve yourself. Form new spiritual disciplines. You will not regret the time invested because on the other side is a great harvest.  Behold, God is doing a new thing!  Will you?

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