Last month was incredible! Our pumpkin patch reached unprecedented  success this year giving us a return of $13,064.52  The volunteers designate their hours to the ministries near and dear to their heart.  Here are the results:

Preschool Ministry-218 hours: $4,715.34

Youth Ministry-163 hours: $3,525.69

Children’s Ministry-79 hours: $1,708.77

Sewing Ministry-52 hours: $1,124.76

Athletic Ministry-26 hours: $562.38

Worship Arts-19 hours: $410.97

Family Worship-12 hours: $259.56

Missions-4 hours: $86.52

The Pumpkins thank you!  We thank you!!!November brings a season of gratitude for all God has done, is doing, and will do. According to 40 research studies on gratitude, the results dramatically    increase our happiness by making us healthier, more successful, better liked, optimistic, emotionally intelligent, less materialistic, content, less self-centered, enjoy better sleep, more energetic, friendlier, etc. Gratitude increases our  quality of life exponentially. “Gratitude is riches. Complaint is poverty.”          – Doris Day

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