Food, education and medical assistance for Hispanic farmworkers and their families

Every year hundreds of Hispanic farmworkers and their families arrive in Florida to pick the crops that eventually end up in our grocery stores. These hardworking human beings are paid very little money and don’t have access to the same resources as the families in neighboring communities like ours. They lack access to medical supplies and emergency care, educational opportunities, and even fresh produce. That’s right, the very families who harvest the fruits and vegetables we eat, do not have access to the food they pick and they do not receive a good enough wage to feed their families.

This is a tragedy and it’s happening very close to home

PCH is in partnership with Beth-El Farmworker Ministry, a Presbyterian ministry that provides for the families of the less fortunate farmworker’s who are our neighbors. There are many ways to get involved with Beth-El Farmworker Ministry including donations and volunteering. 

Ways that you can help

  • Donate food to provide hunger relief
  • Donate school supplies for educating children
  • Lead a food drive at your school
  • Offer financial support for healthcare
  • Start a fundraiser with friends and family
  • Turn prayer into action; volunteer to help Beth-El Ministry

Come by the church office to drop off donations or ask about volunteer opportunities Beth-El Ministry. We will make sure that your passion to help our less fortunate neighbors will be put to good use.

Learn more about the Beth-El Ministry & Vision: 

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