What can you buy for three pennies? Think about it. If you went to the store, you wouldn’t be able to find a single item worth three pennies. If you asked the cashier if they could help, they might ignore you or laugh in your face. The idea of helping someone make a transaction for just three-cents isn’t worth anyone’s time.

Three cents isn’t much money.

Now, think about this. Would you be able to cut back on the cost of a meal by three pennies every day? It’s not much money, right? 

If you were to put away three cents for every meal, then on average you would save less than three dollars a month. And if every person in our congregation were to cut back on each of our meals by a few pennies a day–that’s three dollars times over a hundred people–it would add up to hundreds of dollars a month. 

Well, guess what. Hundreds of dollars can feed a large family in the developing world every month. By sacrificing just a few pennies every day, we would make a real difference to real people who face real hardships every day. We would be making their lives easier by taking their hunger away.

What if every Presbyterian church in the country did the same thing? What if every church in the world did the same? 

That’s what Cents-Ability is all about.

It only takes a three-cents a meal to make a difference. Let us know if you or someone in your family is ready to make a commitment to help end hunger in the world.

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