Vision, Beliefs, and History



What We Do

We share, teach, and live Jesus Christ by being His heart, hands, and feet.



Who We Aim To Be

We aim to teach and prepare the body of Christ to use God-given gifts to further the Kingdom of God. We desire to expand our sphere of influence through our worship, missions, discipleship, and fellowship.



Where We've Been

This church started in 1971 in the drive-in movie theater on South Florida Avenue which is now Staples. We've since moved into our current location which used to be an orange grove.



What We Agree On

We are a Christian Church in the PCUSA which means we are in the Reformed Tradition. Our distinctions include an emphasis on God's movement towards us, infant baptism, female ordination, and a government of elders. We are evangelical and believe the Bible to be the Word of God.

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