Welcomed into the Family!

When being brought on to a new team, family, environment. It takes time to adjust.

As a college student living away from home, life already is pretty crazy. When an entire ministry gets put into the mix things get a little more interesting. I have some how managed my way to go from intern to director in a matter of weeks. From then I have experienced what hard work, time management, and behind the scenes work goes into the whole production. When I’m on campus I’m a student. When I’m at church I’m a director. That takes some time to adjust to. Those different mentalities can sometime mix which makes things really fun. While my fellow students are writing papers and online discussions, I can be sending e-mails to parents, looking through curriculum or ordering new materials. Then at work, surrounded by Easter Eggs and a giant bunny costume, putting last minute touches on my research outline that is due in a couple of hours. When Wednesday night roles around and kids come filing in around 6, it makes it all worth it.

To hear how they applied something they learned at church when they were at school makes it all worth it. To know that I will have so much more time with them makes it all worth it.

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