Thankful by the Tank full!

What’s going to happen in November?  The pumpkins will disappear.  You’ll gain an extra hour!  You’ll go vote.  You’ll honor veterans and figure out what to do with your kids since school will be closed.  You’ll focus on family and thanksgiving and turkey and football.  We’ll figure out the budget for 2017 and propose it to our elders in December.  We’ll research Christmas themes and décor.  Black Friday will flood social media; and shopping frenzies will increase.  Theologically, we’ll study the letters of Paul to Rome, Galatia, Ephesus, and the Colossians.  Our breezeway will start the process of construction to be enclosed and climate-controlled.  Some deeply wonderful people will join the church.  We will combine our efforts and treat our preschool families and teachers to a Thanksgiving Lunch to show our appreciation.  If that doesn’t seem like enough, then we’ll conclude with the beginning of Advent.  Christ is coming!  Look busy.

In October, the congregation approved:

Michele Trice, Pat Richardson, and Erin Key as Elder Elects for 2017

Congratulation, Renee!

Renee Lopez won a $2000 grant to purchase sports equipment for the church!

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