Summer is Here!!!

Welcome to the Summer!  I walked into work today with a great big surprise.  It was the busiest I’ve ever seen this small church.  Families were bustling around campus and every conceivable space was occupied with children learning, laughing, reading, exploring, and dancing.  School is out.  Where do the kids go?  It seems I found out.  We have a record breaking roster for our school-age summer activities.  78 elementary and middle school kids are here Monday through Friday thanks to the awesome organization and marketing skills of Julie Laursen and Wendy English.  The kids take field trips daily.  I am in awe of the ministry that surrounds me.  We usually call in all the troops and exert extreme energy for 78 kids for 3 hours for VBS for 4 days.  Julie is managing that much on top of the preschool children EVERY DAY OF THE SUMMER!  Somebody bring this woman some coffee!

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