Step into Ministry

We are on the verge of opening our breezeway, perhaps with a new name as it no longer is a breezeway.  Fitness classes have begun as we look to better ourselves in 2017 in body, mind, & spirit.  Change is all over the place and it is good!  Forward thinking is the important for successful ministry.  I am grateful for our pioneers, change agents, and adventurous leaders.  May they help us to keep our faith fresh, our spirits filled, and our friendship strong!  How will you be adventurous in your faith this year?  It is already February and time doesn’t return.  Don’t waste your opportunities to serve.  Will you join a team to grow us?  Will you serve our young people?  Will you visit our sick and shut-in family?  Will you deliver a meal?  Will you start a small group or be intentional at inviting others?  Serving is our act of worship to our God!  Will you worship with me?

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