The end of the year will come with lots of chores, last minute hospital visits (since deductible have been met), shopping agendas, and travel planning.  It can be a bit crazy for most people.  Decorations begin to appear all over town and neighborhoods.  We begin to get in the Spirit of Christmas.  It’s a wonderful time of year especially for those who enjoy children and families.  Here at PCH we finalize next year’s budget and attempt to make the Christmas story meaningful for you in a fresh new way.  Our theme this Christmas is Revolution.  We are focusing on the revolution that the birth of Christ caused to the culture, particularly to the Roman and Jewish culture.  The challenge for you is to imagine the implications of that revolution to here and now.  What revolution would occur if Christ was born today?  How would the law and the religious institution be affected?  How would your family be affected?  Do you want a revolution?

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