Forged Youth (June 3-9, 2018)

Are YOU ready? That’s the key question this week as we take a look AND LISTEN to Matthew 25:1-13. Jesus didn’t pull any punches. It’s important that His people are ready when He returns. But what does readiness look like? Readiness = 1) Belief and trust in Jesus (i.e., He is the way back to God) and 2) Living according to that belief (since what Jesus said is true, it should change the way we do things!). It may even mean that we throw ourselves into a cluster of pallets to find goods for needy families (wink, wink).

Speaking of …

We are headed back to Florida Baptist Children’s Home to serve THIS Thursday, June 7th. After, weather permitting, we will cool off at the Gandy Pool (Kelly Recreation Complex). Students should bring a lunch and $4 to get into the pool. If it rains, we’ll go get ice cream instead.

Parents can now complete waivers ONLINE!!! Please visit WeServe and WeSwim Waiver to complete the waiver for this event.

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