We are beyond blessed.  In January, we leapt out in faith adopting our annual budget with a $26,582 deficit by bringing on a full-time youth pastor.  Year to date, we should be in the hole $19,251; instead we are $2,160.55 ahead.  This means that we have given and saved more by a whopping $21,411.55!!!  It is important to notice that we can step out in faith and take risks because God is faithful.  Those of you who have given more than you said you would are an answer to prayer.  The staff should be praised for their efforts to cut costs where they can.  Above all, God is responsible.  Every October, we ask the members of the church to pledge the amount of money they hope to give the next year.  So many of you do so not knowing what your income will be in the year ahead.  It is a risk; yet, God can be trusted.  So as you have joined us in ministry, let us kick off the Fall ministries this coming week with new areas of service.  Want to lead a new small group?  Desire to connect with an affinity group?  Mentor a youth?  Let me know and let’s get started!

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