5th Sunday Sermons of Service

The Presbytery of Tampa Bay is urging all churches to adopt the 5th Sunday Service movement.  Therefore, on the first 5th Sunday of the year (April 29), we will do service projects for the sermon.  We will plan and organize several low impact, moderate impact, and high impact opportunities throughout our community for that Sunday.  We hope to serve schools, neighborhoods, individuals, and the marginalized.  You are the eyes and ears of our community.  If you know of potential opportunities, share them with us so we can plan ahead.  From hard labor to organizing non-perishable packs for the homeless, we hope to join churches all over Tampa Bay by being visible hearts, hands, and feet of Jesus Christ.  Dress down, come to church as usual on April 29.  We will sing, pray, give an offering, and disperse.  Invite your friends and neighbors!  Let us connect and serve together in response to the empty tomb!

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